Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout

The leading Amazon product research tools for which we created this Unbiased Comparison in order for you to determine which is worth your money. See the hottest features and take an informed decision!


  •  Products Launched 
    How many products have been launched so far by using the software
  •   Software format  
  •   Sales Estimates   
  •   Best Sellers Rank (BSR)  
  •   Avg Reviews No. 
    How many reviews are there on average in your niche or on the keyword that you are targeting
  •   Average Star Rating   
  •   Search Result Filters  
  •   FBA Fee Display  
  •   Margin & Profit Estimates  
    Average margin in percentage or net profit estimates
  •   Product Sellers Count  
    Number of Sellers for a product
  •   Product Size & Weight   
  •   Export Results to CSV  
    Export as .csv in order to be viewed in Excel
  •   Google Trends History  
    Graph that shows trends for the popularity of the keyword for that product
  •   Price & BSR History  
    Graph to show the trends and historical changes for the Price & BSR
  •   Favorite Searches & Filter Set  
    The possibility to save your searches or your preferred filter set
  •   Reverse ASIN Lookup  
    Lookup Sales Estimate by using the product ASIN
  •   Competitor Inteligence  
    An advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool that gives you insights into exactly how your competitors are performing.
  •   Keyword Research Tool  
    Get monthly estimates for keywords search volume on Amazon, very important when launching and evaluating a product idea.
  •   Keyword Manager  
    Keyword Reporting dashboard where you can see your daily & hourly keywords and ad rankings
  •   Listing Builder & Analysis  
    Tool that helps you to streamline the listing creation process and provides a SWOT analysis of your listing comparing it to the top competitors in your market.
  •   Sort by Profitability Score   
    The sales score means how easy it is to sell that product and have a good profit
  •   Integrated FBA Calculator   
    Estimate your upfront costs, monthly revenue and profit
  •   Amazon Market Trends  
    Complete View of the market with the current Amazon sales trends
  •   Database Size  
    The number of products that the tool can sort through
  •   Supported Markets  
    The number of Amazon markets from which product sales & reviews can be displayed
  •   Free Trial  
    Does the app offer any free trial
  • Chrome Extension & Web App
  • Get for a product ASIN: top-performing and underutilized keywords, track indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, reviews, search volumes
    • Track 2000 keywords & ads daily
    • Track 30 keywords & ads hourly
  • Analyse 50 Listings per subscription
  • 770 Million Products
  • 10 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany, Japan)
  • Jungle Scout Extension
  • Not Available
  • Extension
  • No Products Tracked
  • 9 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany)
  • Jungle Scout Web App
  • Not Available
  • Web App
  • 500 Million Products
  • 9 Markets (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany)